How do I add a new book to Bookshelf?

Add books to a bookshelf
  1. Find the book you want to add to the bookshelf.
  2. Click the Gear icon at the bottom-right of a book title. The Gear menu appears.
  3. Click Add to Bookshelf.
  4. Select a bookshelf from the dropdown and select the Save button to add your book.

How do I upload books to VitalSource Bookshelf?

Upload a PDF or ePUB file.

Add a list of Access Codes
  1. Log in to Manage.
  2. Click on the hamburger icon. …
  3. Enter the title or VBID of your courseware, then Enter.
  4. Click on the title of your asset.
  5. Click Access Code Summary, then Manage Access Codes.
  6. Paste the list of access codes in the box, then click Import.

How do I add a book to my VitalSource app?

There are many ways to add VitalSource eBooks to your account.

Redeeming a VitalSource code
  1. Click on the Tools ( ) > Redeem Codes in the menu bar along the top of the page.
  2. Add your redemption code to the code box and click Redeem. …
  3. Your library will update with your new book(s). …
  4. Tap on a book cover to read it.

How do I add books to Bookshelf on iPad?

Add books to your bookshelf

First, you can tap the + icon beneath a book and tap the Move to Bookshelf option. Then choose the bookshelf you want to add your book to (or create a new one). The other way allows multiple books to be added. Tap the Grid icon in the top right and you will see all the books on your shelf.

How do you highlight in Bookshelf on iPad?

To highlight text, select the text you would like highlighted by holding the cursor while selecting the text and releasing it. This action will bring up a Highlighter Option menu. If you have more than one highlighter available, they will be listed. Selecting the highlighter will highlight the text.

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How do I redeem a Bookshelf code on my iPad?

Redeeming a code in Bookshelf for Android/Kindle fire
  1. Open the Bookshelf App on your Android phone, tablet, or Kindle fire.
  2. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner to activate the main menu.
  3. Tap on the Redeem icon.
  4. Enter your 20 digit redemption code (your code is not case sensitive)

How do I remove a highlight in Bookshelf?

Click/Tap on the highlight you would like to remove, a menu will pop up, click/tap on the “x” within the highlight you want to remove.

Do VitalSource books expire?

Online access through the site, expires after 365 days, but access to downloaded eBooks typically does not expire. You may download the VitalSource bookshelf app at

What is the difference between Kindle and iPad?

The most significant difference between the Kindle and the iPad is the type of screen that they use. The iPad uses a touch screen LCD display that is common in tablet PCs and even in some laptops. The Kindle on the other hand uses e-ink technology that simulates the look of paper.

How do you add an eBook to a Bookshelf?

  1. Tap [Bookshelf] and then tap [Add Book]
  2. Check the eBook(s) you want to add then tap [Add] on the bottom of the screen.

What is Bookshelf on Mac?

With Bookshelf, you can enjoy a digital-first, comprehensive study experience from the convenience of your iPad or iPhone. Access all of your VitalSource textbooks and study anytime, anywhere. Bookshelf Features: • Download books to your iOS device for 100% offline reading.

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How do you use Bookshelf on a Mac?

Install Bookshelf

Click the Bookshelf for macOS (Universal) Button to download the Bookshelf installer to your Mac. Double-click on the VitalSource-Bookshelf. dmg to open the installer. Drag the Bookshelf icon to the Applications folder.

How do I download an eBook on course point?

Until you register, whenever you launch your eBook you’ll see this message under the Lippincott CoursePoint logo and book title in the upper left corner of the page: “Want to download books to view offline?” followed by an invitation to click on, “Just finish configuring your account.” Click it, and you’ll see the …

How do I add a new book to Bookshelf?

Add books to a bookshelf
  1. Find the book you want to add to the bookshelf.
  2. Click the Gear icon at the bottom-right of a book title. The Gear menu appears.
  3. Click Add to Bookshelf.
  4. Select a bookshelf from the dropdown and select the Save button to add your book.

How do I find my eBook access code?

If you’ve purchased a new textbook the code will typically be provided to you at the front of your book. If you’ve purchased a textbook without an access code (new or used), you will need to investigate whether you can purchase an access code separately from the Bookstore or publisher.

How do you delete notes from a book?

How to Remove Note or Highlighting from a Book
  1. Open the book.
  2. Open the Notes panel.
  3. Delete note/highlighting.

How do you make a note on bookshelf?

Making Highlights

First, create a highlight by selecting the text you would like to add a note to, then click create highlight. To add a note, double click on the highlight. A panel will pop up. Type your note into this panel and then close by clicking the red button/X.

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How do I print an entire book from Bookshelf?

Printing from the Online Bookshelf
  1. Look for the print icon in the lower right-hand corner of your book. NOTE: If you don’t see the icons, click on the tab to expand the icon tray.
  2. Click on the print icon.
  3. Books have print limits that can range from 2 pages at a time and up. …
  4. Select your page range and press print.

Is Bookshelf online free?

Once your online access has ended the perpetual download license enables you to continuously access the eBook offline through our free Bookshelf application even after the online license expires.

How can I read my iPad without eye strain?

Setting the brightness to a regular level and using blue light filtering shades alongside a better blink rate can help avoid eye strain while reading on an iPad for up to two hours. If you want to read for longer periods, schedule breaks every half an hour and look at greenery.

Can you read an iPad in the sun?

You don’t or not easily. iPads are not designed to be used in direct sunlight/daylight. There is too much glare on the iPad’s screen and any direct sunlight on the iPad’s screen can quickly overheat an iPad. Try sitting and reading your iPad in a more shaded area.


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