How do I find my Microsoft public customer number?

To find it, sign in to the Volume Licensing Service Center at Navigate to Subscriptions, and select Visual Studio Subscriptions from the dropdown. The number will be located halfway down the page below the Agreement Public Customer Number results (image 5).

What is a Microsoft PCN number?

Public Customer Number (PCN)

Every organization that has a licensing agreement with Microsoft has at least one Public Customer Number (PCN.) Each enrollment your organization has can have its own unique PCN. This PCN is used to identify your organization and enrollments.

What happened to Microsoft volume licensing?

Effective January 1, 2022, commercial, government, education, and nonprofit organizations will not be able to buy new or renew software licenses, Software Assurance, or online services through the Open License program anymore.

What is VLSC Microsoft?

The Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) is where organizations manage licenses purchased via the following volume licensing programs: Microsoft Enterprise, Enterprise Subscription, Select Plus, Select, Academic – Education Enrolment or School Enrolment, Open Value, Open Value Subscription and Open Licenses programs.

How do I activate my VLSC license?

From the VLSC, Open customers can go to the Online Service Activation section and select the license to manage. Click on the manage activation link. This will open a product activation site where you click on Start Activation.

What is Microsoft Select Plus Level D?

Microsoft Select Plus licensing guide. Price level for government organizations. Eligible government organizations receive volume pricing for all government entities within a country. This will most often be equivalent to the lowest Select Plus price level (Level D) offered to commercial organizations.

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How do I add Open Value license to VLSC?

Adding Open Licenses
  1. Sign into the VLSC.
  2. Choose Administration > Add Open License. The Add Open License page appears.
  3. Complete the page and click Submit. …
  4. Unless the owner objects, you can log in to the VLSC again in 24 hours to accept the terms and conditions of the Open License Agreement and begin managing the account.

Does Windows Server license expire?

Retail and OEM licenses are sold as perpetual licenses meaning they never expire. Most Volume Licenses are perpetual, however, Microsoft does offer subscriptions licenses under the Volume License program.

How long does a SQL Server license last?

Without Software Assurance, licenses can be moved from one server to another only once every 90 days.

How much is Microsoft license?

Office 2019 vs. Office Online vs. Microsoft 365
PriceAppsCloud ServicesDevices
Buy Office 2019 From Microsoft Microsoft Office Online

1 more row

3 Mar 2021

How do I get a Microsoft license?

6 Ways You Can Get a Microsoft Office License for Free
  1. Use Microsoft Office Online. …
  2. Microsoft Office Mobile Apps. …
  3. Sign Up for the Microsoft 365 Trial. …
  4. Buy Hardware With Microsoft Office Bundled. …
  5. Ask Your Employer or School. …
  6. Pester a Friend to Join Their Microsoft Family Account.

How do I license Microsoft Access?

Retail versions of Access can be purchased from the Microsoft Store or any retail store that sells computer software. Volume licensed versions of Microsoft Access are purchased directly from Microsoft through the Volume Licensing Program and downloaded from the Volume Licensing Service Center.

How do I install Microsoft Open License?

How to Download Open License Products
  1. Click Sign in.
  2. Sign in with a existing Microsoft Account. …
  3. Enter your information, as well as, your agreement and authorization # (found in the attachment emailed to you)
  4. Click on ‘Downloads and Keys’ Tab.
  5. Find and click on product you wish to install.

How do I get a Select Plus license?

You can access the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center at Microsoft offers detailed information about the Select Plus agreement and other volume licensing agreements on the Microsoft Volume Licensing website at

What is Microsoft Select License?

Microsoft Select Plus is a transactional licensing agreement for government and academic organizations with 250 or more users/devices. Select Plus works best for organizations that want to license Microsoft on-premises software only for up to three years with no organization-wide commitment.

How long does it take for a Microsoft license to apply?

How long does it take for new license orders to appear in the License Summary. Recently purchased licenses are typically displayed in the License Summary within 48 hours of Microsoft receiving your order from the Microsoft partner.

What is Microsoft agreement number?

Each donation request is assigned a license number and an authorization number (also called an agreement number) by Microsoft. These numbers are used to identify your request and might be needed to perform certain actions on the VLSC.

Do device CALS expire?

Hi, An RDS User CAL expires 60 days after it is issued to the user and then returns to the available pool, however, if the user connects within 7 days of the expiration date the license will be renewed for another 60 days.

What happens if you don’t activate Windows Server 2019?

So Windows Server 2019 will automatically shutdown after the trial grace period.

How many cores do I need for SQL Server?

Sold in packs of two cores, SQL Server Enterprise has a minimum requirement of 4 cores per processor or total number of cores on the server whichever is higher.

Is SQL Server going away?

SQL Database Administrator – is just going away– no more – Training, Certification, and Program Support.

How to contact Microsoft Support by Chat, Email, Phone, etc.

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