How do I use Salesforce flow builder?

How do I create a flow in Salesforce?
  1. Open Flow Builder. …
  2. Select the Flow Type, then click Create.
  3. Drag the elements you want to use onto the canvas. …
  4. Connect the elements to determine the order in which they’re executed at run time. …
  5. Save your flow.

How do you use flow builder?

  1. Open Flow Builder. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Flows , select Flows, and then click New Flow.
  2. Select the flow type, then click Next.
  3. Add the elements that you want to use to the canvas.
  4. If building in free-form, connect the elements to determine their order of execution. …
  5. Save your flow.

What we can do with flows in Salesforce?

Flows can look up, create, update, and delete Salesforce records. They can also create Chatter posts, submit records for approval, and send emails. If your action isn't possible out of the box, call Apex code from the flow. Connect your flow to an external database by using core actions or Apex actions.

When should you build a flow in Salesforce?

After you model the process that you want to automate, design and build the flow in Flow Builder. Before you activate a flow, test it thoroughly to make sure that it works as expected. Once you've designed and tested your flow, it's time to put it to work!

How do I access Salesforce flows?

Provide Access to Use Flows
  1. From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box.
  2. Click Edit for the user profile for which you want to give flow access.
  3. Under General User Permissions, select Manage Flows and Run Flows.
  4. Save your changes.

How do you add a flow to lightning component?

To embed a flow in your Aura component, add the <lightning:flow> component to it. When a page loads that includes a flow component, such as Lightning App Builder or an active Lightning page, the flow runs. Make sure that the flow doesn’t perform any actions – such as create or delete records – before the first screen.

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How do I set up a screen flow?

Creating a screen flow
  1. In the header of Designer Studio, click + Create > Process > Flow.
  2. On the Create form, enter values in the fields to define the context of the screen flow. …
  3. Click View additional configuration options.
  4. Click Standard template for screen flows.
  5. Click Create and open to open the Flow form.

What is the difference between workflow and process builder?

In Workflow, if you put multiple actions on criteria, there is no way to predict or control which action will happen first. However, with Process Builder, you are able to control the multiple actions set to criteria and what order you want them to take place in.

How do you make lightning flow?

How do you call a flow from a button in Lightning?
  1. Create a custom action for the record in question by navigating to Object Manager > (Object Name) > Buttons, Actions and Links.
  2. Select “Flow” as the type for the custom action.
  3. Configure the custom action to reference the flow, then name it.

What is queue in Salesforce?

Salesforce queues are lists of records that have no owner. The records that are not assigned to anyone are added to a queue, and any queue member can take ownership of those records. One with queue authority can go through the records in the queue and take responsibility for the ones they wish.

How do I delete a flow in Salesforce?

Delete a Flow Version
  1. From Setup, enter Flows in the Quick Find box, then select Flows.
  2. Click the name of the flow.
  3. To delete the flow completely, including all versions,click the Delete button.
  4. To delete an individual version, click the Del link for that version.

How do I create a workflow in Salesforce lightning?

Navigate to Setup in the top right-hand corner of Salesforce Lightning. Then, in the Platform Tools section, click on Process Automation → Workflow Rules. Now you’ll create a new rule – this rule will be a task creation trigger.

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How do you use LWC in flow?

For Each property, there should be variable in the JS file and must be declared with the @api decorator. Flow Screen 1: Simply add two text fields to your screen flow. Flow Screen 2: Add your LWC to screen flow. On the right side for each LWC variable select your flow variable.

How do you use Aura flow?

Customize Flow Screens Using Aura Components

To customize the look and feel of your flow screen, build a custom Aura component. Configure the component and its design resource so that they’re compatible with flow screens. Then in Flow Builder, add a screen component to the screen.

How do you add flow to a lightning page?

Add Your Flow to a Lightning Page
  1. In the global search bar, enter Edge, and select the Edge Communications account.
  2. Click. and select Edit Page.
  3. Drag a Flow component to the top of the right column in the canvas.
  4. For Flow, select the flow we created earlier: Sample Flow.
  5. Save and activate your changes.

How do I create a variable in Salesforce?

Create a Variable
  1. From Setup enter Flows in the Quick Find box and click Flows.
  2. Click New Flow.
  3. Select Screen Flow and click Create.
  4. From the toolbox, click Manager.
  5. Click New Resource.
  6. For Resource Type, select Variable.
  7. Enter an API name and description for your variable.
  8. Select the appropriate data type.

What is a Salesforce process?

Salesforce Process Builder is basically an automated tool that allows you to control the order of actions or evaluate the criteria for a record. It has eight actions associated with it: Creating Records: This will allow you to create a new record and add different field values for it.

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Can we update child record using process builder?

Click the ‘Object’ Picklist, then select the Account record that started your process and select a record related to the Account: Note: These records are radio buttons, and only one may be selected. To update child records, select the send option ‘Select a record related to the Account’

How do I create a case assignment rule in Salesforce?

To create a Case assignment rule do the following:

Go to Setup -> type Assignment Rules in the Quick Find box -> choose Case Assignment Rules -> click New -> enter the Rule Name and click Save.

What are tabs and apps in Salesforce?

Custom tabs let you display custom object data or other web content in Salesforce. When you add a custom tab to an app in Salesforce Classic, it appears as a tab. When you add a custom tab to an app in Lightning Experience, it appears as an item in the app’s navigation bar and in the App Launcher.

How do I activate an older flow in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User Permissions

When you activate a flow version, the previously activated version (if one exists) is deactivated. Any running flow interview continues to run using the version that it started with. Open the flow version in Flow Builder. Click Activate or Deactivate in the button bar.

Introduction to Salesforce Flow Builder | Day 1

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