How do you delete a record in lightning component?

To delete a record using Lightning Data Service, call deleteRecord on the force:recordData component, and pass in a callback function to be invoked after the delete operation completes.

How do I delete a record in Salesforce?

Delete Records
  1. Find and open the record you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.

How do I delete a record in LWC?

To delete records in LWC, we first need to import fetchOpportunities method from Apex Controller using @salesforce/apex/ module in JS Controller. Then, include deleteRecord method from lightning/uiRecordApi module.

How do you delete a lightning component?

From Setup, enter Lightning Components in the Quick Find box. Select Lightning Components. Click Del for the component that you want to delete.

How do you edit a record in lightning component?

To edit a record using lightning:recordForm , provide the record ID and object API name. When you provide a record ID, view mode is the default mode of this component, which displays fields with edit icons. If you click an edit icon, all fields in the form become editable.

Where is Recycle Bin in Salesforce?

Salesforce admins can see all deleted data across the entire org. The Recycle Bin is available in the left sidebar on the Home page.

How do I uninstall SOQL?

1) Using the Delete Button

The first type of Delete SOQL Query is deleting a single record on Salesforce is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is go to the record you want to delete and click on the standard Delete button. Upon clicking on it, the record will be deleted and sent to your recycle bin.

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How do you refresh apex in LWC?

To refresh Apex data provisioned via an Apex @wire , call refreshApex() . The function provisions the data using the configuration bound to the @wire and updates the cache. Note The parameter you refresh with refreshApex() must be an object that was previously emitted by an Apex @wire .

How do you insert a row in LWC?

Adding table row dynamically in Lightning Web Component
  1. Use Case: Create a configurable table for adding/deleting new rows in lightning data table. …
  2. Text Type component. This component will create text field component for table. …
  3. Picklist type component. …
  4. Create table component. …
  5. Test Page:

How do I turn off Lightning record page?

Open the page in Lightning App Builder and click Activation to deactivate it. Deactivating the page does not work and repeats the same steps. Until this issue is addressed, customers can rename the pages so as to mark them as un-usable.

How do I create a form in LWC?

Step By Step Guide To Creating Data Entry Form in Salesforce LWC
  1. Use “ lightning-record-form ” component.
  2. Import objects and fields references using importing references using the @salesforce/schema syntax.
  3. Display a custom toast notification on successful creation of the record.

How do you add components to a lightning page?

Create a Component to Use in the Lightning App Builder
  1. Click the gear icon ( …
  2. In the Developer Console, select File > New > Lightning Component.
  3. Name the component IndicatorBadges , select Lightning Record Page, and select Submit.
  4. Replace the contents of the component with this code: …
  5. Click File > Save.

How do I undelete a record in Salesforce?

To restore all deleted items, check the box in the column header and then click Undelete. When you undelete a record, Salesforce restores the record associations for the following types of relationships: Parent accounts (as specified in the Parent Account field on an account)

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How do I undelete a field in Salesforce?

To see a list of soft deleted fields, click Deleted Fields at the top of the Custom Fields & Relationships page. From the list of deleted fields, perform the following actions: To permanently remove the custom field and its data, click Erase. To restore the field and its data, click Undelete.

How do I find deleted records in Salesforce?

Log into
  1. Click New Task.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Select ‘Object,’ and then click Next.
  4. Click on Select All under Fields. Set Filter ‘Deleted’ = True.
  5. Click + | Next.
  6. Expand ‘Advanced. ‘ Set ‘Export All Records’ = checked.
  7. Click Save and Run.
  8. Click on hyperlink (ie… # success) to download the CSV file.

How do I find deleted records in SOQL?

Query Deleted and Archived records with SOQL
  1. Add “ALL ROWS” in the end of the query if it’s in the system log / API.
  2. Check the “include” button in “deleted and archived records” if you use the workbench.
  3. Use “Where isArchived = TRUE” if it is in the schema explorer or API.

How do I clear my aura cache?

To clear cache, you have to fire refreshview on component as shown below. Aura Component’s html file. Note: The force:refreshView event impacts performance and should be avoided, if possible.

How do you call the Apex class method in lightning Web component?

To call the apex method in the lightning web component, First, we have to create the apex class and add the @AuraEnabled method at the first line, i.e., before starting the method. To call it from Wire Service, the method should be cacheable. Hence, add cacheable=true in @AuraEnabled.

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How do you create a dynamic table in lightning component?

To DO : Create Apex class :(Name It as you Like) -> Copy Paste entire Apex code. Create Lightning Component -> Copy Paste entire component code , don’t forget to change the controller name to your apex , otherwise I am not responsible for the error.

How do you add quick actions in lightning and it should have less fields?

Quick Actions fields not visible in Lightning Experience
  1. Click on the Layout link right next to the action New Task.
  2. Drag and drop the fields that you would like to add to the Task layout.
  3. Click on Save.

How do I delete an action in Salesforce?

The Edit and Delete buttons aren’t visible on a task.

‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ Actions in Tasks Not Found in Lightning…
  1. Navigate to Setup within Lightning.
  2. Click the Object Manager tab.
  3. Go to Task > Page Layouts > click on the respective Page Layout Name link.
  4. Click Mobile and Lightning Actions.

Delete Functionality in Lightning Web Component

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