Here are three well-respected organizations that help women and men choose smaller families. And they need the support of everyone who wants a more sustainable planet and future.

Pathfinder International

“Since 1957, we have worked to increase access to sexual and reproductive health and rights and promote healthy pregnancies. We are committed to expanding access to quality sexual and reproductive health services that offer each woman the chance to make an informed choice about whether she wishes to use contraception, and the method best suited to her needs.”

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

“UNFPA calls for the realization of reproductive rights for all and supports access to a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services – including voluntary family planning, maternal health care and comprehensive sexuality education.”

World Vascetomy Day

“World Vascetomy Day promotes male engagement in sexual and reproductive health by supporting vasectomy providers, forging alliances with public health institutions, and combining traditional storytelling with interactive media to educate communities and increase demand.”