What is the darkest lens Ray-Ban makes?

For the darkest lenses, there are a few options Ray-Ban has to give you the least light transmission: DARK GRAY LENS – Boosts contrast and transitions well over a wide variety of conditions. Dark Gray lenses filter blue light to enhance visual acuity and improve depth perception.

Does Ray-Ban make black lenses?

The fact is and the answer is NO. Ray-Ban does not make black lenses. What you see when you see others sunglass lenses on Ray-Bans that appear black is either a green or grey lens. The reason they look black is because the light makes these lenses look black.

What is the darkest lens on sunglasses?

What are category 4 sunglasses? These are the darkest sun lenses. Because they absorb so much visible light, they're illegal to wear for driving. Generally, these lenses are only suitable for extreme exposure scenarios such as high-altitude mountaineering.

What Ray-Ban lenses are best?

While Ray-Ban offers a wide range of tints, mirror finishes and gradients with or without lens polarization, the G-15 lens is considered the most classic choice for any style you could want.

Why do my Ray-Bans say Ray-Ban P?

The P added to the Ray Ban logo indicates that polarized sunglasses lenses are used. For the wearer, this means a great advantage in a situation where reflective surfaces dazzle.

Do Ray-Bans scratch easily?

Ray-Bans do not scratch easily. There are two main types of lenses that can determine how easily they’re scratched. The first is crystal lenses. These are top-tier lenses that are scratch-resistant.

What sunglasses can you not see through?

Mirrored Sunglasses

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The lenses look shiny on the outside, kind of like you’re looking at a mirror (hence the name). However, the mirrored look doesn’t pass on to the inside of the lenses, so it won’t feel like you’re looking at a mirror when you put them on.

What color of sunglasses is best?

Dark colors (brown/gray/green) are ideal for everyday use and most outdoor activities. Darker shades are intended primarily to cut through the glare and reduce eyestrain in moderate-to-bright conditions. Gray and green lenses won’t distort colors, while brown lenses may cause minor distortion.

What does the P on Ray-Bans mean?

Polarized lenses block glare for improved clarity and contrast, while also offering 100% UVA and UVB protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays.

How can you tell if Ray-Bans are plastic or glass?

If the lenses feel light and make a loud tapping sound, they’re not glass. Glass lenses have a quieter, more ringing sound, and are also much heavier. The lens material isn’t the end-all, be-all of telling fakes apart, however. Some genuine Ray-Bans have plastic lenses.

Why do Ray-Bans have green lenses?

By absorbing 85% of visible light and blocking out most of the blue light, the green lens ensures better clarity of vision and remarkable colour contrast, providing a more ‘natural vision’. Ray-Ban calls this classic style, ‘Life through a lens, though you won’t notice the difference.

What does the F mean in Ray-Ban?

Ray-ban lens code categories

0 is for cloudy conditions; 1 is for partly sunny; 2 is for medium brightness; 3 for high intensity and 4 is for exceptional brightness. The following letter can be one of three — N for normal or non-polarised, P for polarised and F for photo-chromatic.

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What do fake Ray-Bans look like?

Some genuine Ray-Bans have plastic lenses. Also, check out the Ray-Ban logo. Ray-Ban places one prominent logo on the upper right (your left) lens, and one subtle “RB” etching on the left (your right) lens. On fakes, the logo will look blurry, be out of place, or even scratch off.

What sunglass brand is best?

The Best Sunglasses Brands Are Always and Forever In Style
  • Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban’s eyewear pedigree speaks for itself. …
  • Persol. …
  • Oakley. …
  • Carrera. …
  • Oliver Peoples. …
  • Moscot. …
  • Warby Parker. …
  • Randolph Engineering.

Why does toothpaste remove scratches?

Paste-based toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive that levels out the scratch, removing it or making it less noticeable.

Why do men wear mirrored sunglasses?


Some people prefer to wear mirrored sunglasses and appreciate the anonymity. They experience while wearing them. With mirrored shades on, your eye can’t be visible through the lenses rather a clear image is mirrored. No one will notice whether you’re making eye contact or staring.

Do mirrored sunglasses scratch easily?

While mirrored lenses are stronger than most, you’ll need to take special care of them to resist scratching. Clean the frames and lenses often to keep them in good condition. To do so, we recommend having some lens cleaning wipes on hand for a quick, on-the-go solution.

What kind of sunglasses hide your eyes?

Non-polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce the intensity of any light. If your lenses offer UV protection, they most likely contain special dyes and pigments that absorb ultraviolet rays, preventing them from reaching your eyes.

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Should sunglasses cover eyebrows?

But first, a few basic guidelines: The top of your glasses frame should follow the line of your eyebrows. Avoid having too much eyebrow above or below the frames. Sunglasses, however, should always cover your eyebrows.

How do you spot fake Ray-Bans?

Original Ray-Ban sunglasses will have “RB” or “Ray Ban etched onto the corner of the left lens to prove its authenticity. If the etching is missing, or a low quality or painted on the glasses will be fake. Other signs to spot a fake pair of Ray-Bans include the packaging and way in which they are boxed to ship.

Are Ray-Bans good for your eyes?

All Ray-Ban lenses have UV protection, but the exact level varies among the types of lenses. Here’s what Ray-Ban offers: Classic lenses absorb 85% of visible light and block most blue light while providing a “natural vision” because they don’t alter the colors you see around you.

What are the Darkest Ray-Ban Lenses on Sunglasses?

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