What is the opposite dirty?

Opposite of covered or marked with an unclean substance. clean. hygienic. immaculate. spotless.

What is the opposite word of dirty dirty?

Antonyms. clean dirtiness tidy sane unclog free unstuff. mucky buggy foul oily cleanness. dirty (English) -y (English)

What is the opposite of clean dirty?

Opposite of free from dirt, marks, or stains. dirty. filthy. besmirched. soiled.

What is the another word of dirty?

contaminated, crummy, disheveled, dusty, filthy, greasy, grimy, messy, muddy, murky, nasty, polluted, sloppy, stained, unkempt, coarse, sleazy, blacken, smear, smudge.

What’s the opposite of clean ‘?


1 dirty. 17 contaminated, radioactive.

What is slang for dirty?

filthy , messy , unwashed, soiled, grimy, unclean, stained , spotted , muddy , mucky, grubby, scuzzy, foul , gross (slang), cruddy (slang), unlaundered, scummy, unsanitary, unhygienic, polluted, nasty (informal), slovenly, dusty , undusted, squalid, sloppy , lousy (informal), unsightly, straggly, tarnished, smudged, …

How do you say dirty slang?

  1. raunchy,
  2. scuzzy.
  3. [slang],
  4. shabby,
  5. skanky.
  6. [slang],
  7. sleazy,
  8. squalid.

What is the opposite fat?

Antonym of Fat

Word. Antonym. Fat. Slim, Thin. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What are dirty clothes called?

What is another word for dirty clothes?
washingironingclean washingclothes to be cleaned
laundry wash

What is dirty making?

to make something dirty, polluted, or poisonous by adding a chemical, waste, or infection.

What is opposite dark?

Antonym of Dark

Word. Antonym. Dark. Light. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What do you call dirty water?

wastewater. noun. water that has been used in homes, businesses, and factories and so is not clean. Dirt.

What do you call a nasty house?

slum. noun. informal a house or room that is very dirty or untidy.

What’s a code word for I Love You?

2. 143: I Love You.

What is a nicer way to say fat?

plump. adjective. slightly fat, in a pleasant way. This word is often used to avoid saying fat, which is not considered polite.

What is a nice word for fat?

Sometimes, people replace the word fat with words intended to be more polite or euphemistic, such as heavy, heavyset, plump, and chubby.

What do you call a person with a dirty mind?

synonyms for dirty-minded

lewd. nefarious. shameless. sinful. vicious.

What is a dirty person?

disagreeable or contemptible; mean; nasty. a dirty coward. 7. unfair; dishonest; unsportsmanlike. a dirty player.

What does SB dirty mean?

do (someone) dirty in American English. slang. to treat unfairly or reprehensibly, as by cheating or slandering.

What is dirty slang?

obscene; pornographic; indecent: a dirty joke. undesirable or unpleasant; thankless: He left the dirty work for me. very unfortunate or regrettable: That’s a dirty shame! not fair or sportsmanlike; unscrupulous: a dirty fighter. hostile, insulting, contemptuous, or resentful: She gave me a dirty look.

What is the opposite of dog?

What is the opposite of dog?
abortforgoscraplet go
abandon leave
leave alone

4 more rows

What is the opposite of dirty?

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